New Type of Bitumen on Global Standards that could change based on Traffic volume

Iranian researchers have achieved producing a new type of state-of-the-art bitumen based on the global standards whose quality can change based on traffic volume.

pasargad oil

 Pasargad Oil Company has achieved producing a new kind of bitumen associated with the latest global standards named (+PG), fits with road traffic volume.

“With having record of producing high quality bitumen proper to whether condition ,POC now has reached new way of producing bitumen based on road traffic volume “,according to RAHE DANA NEWS CHANNEL .

Categorizing bitumen based on “PG FUNCTION” has been started in Iran since four years ago and pasargad Oil Company is pioneer in producing this kind of bitumen.  PG based method bitumen  mostly satisfy the whether condition but in this new kind of bitumen based on new technology pasargad oil company has achieved ,bitumen is produced based on normal ,heavy and very heavy traffic volume .In “+PG “produced based bitumen by pasargad oil company which fulfills both whether condition and traffic volume, it could be said that Iran have achieved the latest standards of producing bitumen. As you know, on the reasons that affects the bitumen, life is the traffic volume and with new technology based bitumen, our expertise have succeed to increase bitumen life dramatically

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Payment Type

FOB Bandar Abbas


180 Kg new steel Drums *Net Weight*



Bitumen prices last Updated: 10.02.2023




420 USD/MT 


               335 USD/MT

100% LC at Sight

  440 USD/MT

100% TT Advance

405 USD/MT

50% TT Advance

  410 USD/MT

30%  TT Advance

  415 USD/MT

20% TT Advance

  418 USD/MT

10% TT Advance

  420 USD/MT