Bulk Bitumen



Bulk bitumen suppliers


We are Bulk bitumen suppliers in Iran. Our company is involved in the export of high quality road bitumen in bulk via bulk vessels to neighboring countries such as Oman, UAE,  India and several others. After production, Bulk bitumen is initially stored in storage tanks near Bandar Abbas port and loaded onto Bulk bitumen vessels.

Bulk bitumen loading rate

A small vessel with the capacity 3,000 metric tons can be loaded within 1- 2 days and delivered to most ports in India within 7 to 14 days. Such small bulk bitumen ships of this capacity are designed for short distance travel. For longer distances the availability of bulk bitumen vessels must be asserted and they must be larger in size to withstand the voyage and also make it cost effective to use this mean as a transportation method.

Bulk bitumen price

Bulk bitumen’s price is an average of 40.00 USD per metric tons less than that of  drummed bitumen.  The shipping cost of bulk bitumen is generally higher than bitumen shipped in containers.  For example, the cost of containers to one port may cost 10.00 USD/MT while shipping the goods via a bulk vessel may cost well over 50.00 USD/MT to the same destination.

Type of bulk bitumen vessels

Bulk Vessels for bitumen vary in size and capacity. Generally the export of bitumen from Iran or UAE is done through traditional packaging for bitumen such as new steel drums or polybags. One main reason is the method of payment which is used for bulk bitumen orders.


Usual Method of payment for bulk bitumen

When buying bulk bitumen, unlike bitumen drums the method of payment is TT and not LC. Usually a advance payment is given and the balance is paid during loading, after shipment or after the goods have reached their destination.   In order to bring your bitumen to the port and store it in storage tanks we require an advance payment of no less than 20%.  This is because the cost of transportation fees via bitumen tankers and storage fees are considerable.  We realize that certain clients have genuine concerns and reservations about paying an advance payment to bitumen suppliers they are just beginning a relationship with.  With that said, we are confident that through productive communication, visit of our offices and refinery from which we will supply  from will build a mutually trusted relationship.  When you are dealing with a end supplier and meet them and visit their facilities this can help you in makie a safe  and informed decision about the partner you choose.

Second mode of payment for bulk bitumen

For qualified buyers, generally the mode of payment for Bulk Bitumen is through a 20% Advance payment and the balance payment is  due aftter the goods arrive at the destination port or mutually agreed upon

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