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Bitumen around glob


Grand View Research released a report during second quarter 2016 indicating the Asia Pacific region was the dominant market for bitumen during 2015, accounting for more than 33 percent of the global volume of asphalt use—that use being for all sectors of construction from roadways to adhesives. The report indicated the “efficient transportation system” and “[r]ising demand for paving applications” as well as “[g]rowing construction systems having waterproofed flat roofs” would lend to a steady increase in the area’s demand for bitumen from 2016 through 2024.


The International Erosion Control Association Region One (IECA) has established a new chapter in Canada. It will be Canada’s essential educational and networking resource for storm water management, erosion and sediment control, and stream protection and restoration.


Did you know? Bitumen is typically transported in two types of “packaging” in India—drummed or tank. Producers can get bitumen in polybags, but that’s not preferred because the bags actually melt in the hot climate. Source: Petrosil Media’s India Bitumen Annual Report

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Payment Type

FOB Bandar Abbas


180Kg new steel drums *Net Weight*


Bitumen prices last Updated: 12.06.2018




100% LC at Sight


100% TT Advance

       350 USD/MT

50% TT Advance

353 USD/MT

30%  TT Advance

355 USD/MT

20% TT Advance

357 USD/MT

10% TT Advance

359 USD/MT

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